Saturday, January 03, 2009

...In Between Questions...

There are numerous instances that come to my mind where i was touched by the innocence and brilliance of a kid. Times when they rush in packs of ten or more to hug me and greet me brings a sense of relief that I am not alone in Bangalore. The tender feel of their hands and the soothing smiles are worthy indications of the warmth that they share with each one of us.

…The Seekings…

There is also the sad side of the system that we so much want to change. This kid has forever yearned to study, wear clean clothes and walk ahead of his/her own times…but is for the time being content with getting that one delightful square meal a day. Education has taken a backseat and hunger as always remains his prime concern and reason to go to the school.

There was this kid in the Jogupalyam Urdu Primary School who expressed this concern one day that is still distinct and fresh in my mind. He said “I want to continue studying after my 7th class”. He is now in a Upper Primary school where the standard of education is nowhere close to what kids recieve in a proper municipality school. The many questions that arise out of this condition are baffling at times and only have one thing in common - They dont have an answer. Questions like “Will a good govt. school allow him to continue after his 7th class?”; “What about the other kids- WHY did they not have the same desire?”; “How will I be able to answer this question?” invoke a sense of gravity in me to this day.
It is this sense of questioning that brings all of us to a common platform of concern that will not fail to echo the intentions of the Volunteering comunity.


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