Friday, January 02, 2009

Howdy World !!

I guess its about time now that I let the blogging fever catch up to me.. After ignoring many calls from my friends and well-wishers to have a look at their blogs and after a half-hearted attempt to start blogging many months ago, I finally gave in to the phenomenon. I must admit that I have changed a lot over the years but I am still the same trusted and deep-rooted guy that people have known me as...

For most of us bicycling brings fond memories of childhood and innocence. Many choose to let them slip away to the farthest nooks of their brain and few others like me could never let go of them. Eversince the summer months of 2005 when I moved out of my folk's in eastern India, bicycles have contributed immensely to my process of self-discovery. Now I feel like me the most when I am on a bicycle :) I now take immense pride in the culture that I am part of and hope that many others will join me in the days to come.

I was never the bookish kind nor was I into reading all that much, but few years back I suddenly found a fascination for books that were mostly biographical and auto biographical in nature. Many of the chapters there started questioning my routine actions which were critically bound to my life, day-in and day-out. I found myself taking mental notes of personal experiences and retrospections very often and lost them every now and then. These are the kind of time when being a blogger really helps and I am glad to have started now.

When I first started real volunteering in 2006 I was doing it to serve my intentions of wisely utilizing my spare time. Little did I know that this one wise act of mine was going to change my life for ever. It was difficult to see so many people lack basic amenities, especially when we were basking in the luxuries of our white-collared jobs. I saw more of this with each passing day and then I realised that the biggest challenges didn't lie in cracking a bug in a program of 1 million lines of code but in building small changes for a sustainable social machinery where the deprived and the self-sufficient see this country through a phase of mutual development.

I strongly believe that many others around me must have had such moments like the ones's I have had. Through this blog I purely intend to share experiences new and old, that have touched me and have let me connect to the world and whats beyond. I am modest about my handicaps with the English language…I am still exploring it. A little tolerance from the readers is expected. Criticisms and suggestions are whole-heartedly welcome.

Hoping to have a introspective time with the blogging.


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