Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zaini ...

" We were all at the window, holding on tight to the railing, trying to get the best view. That Saturday afternoon the usual 20 of us, all closely huddled in the classroom, watched rain drops make small puddles outside. The sparkle in our tiny eyes and the sweet smell of earth heralded the arrival of the monsoon. Through the haze of the drizzle we could make out a small figure rushing into the school through the broken gate. Our eagerness was overwhelming. The minute Mamta kaki came out of the kitchen to greet her, we were all back in our seats with the fingers and lips juxtaposed. Moments later she was at the door of our class. 'Hello ! I am Zaini'. We all rose in unison and out came a loud 'Namaste Teacher'. This is how we met Zaini Didi...the weekend teacher"

from my volunteering memories ...
(jogupalya school & rt nagar government school, bangalore)

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