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Group Labs was frankly the most enjoyed class in the first three weeks of the academic session. The Group Labs for me were conducted by Dr. Katy Gandevia and Mrs Sarita from the school of social work. It was a welcome change in the string of classroom sessions that had suddenly become a stark reality of my day-to-day life. The exercise were based on developing insight on human values which are otherwise hidden and untapped inside us unless and until we are instigated or pushed to practice. The first exercise of the group labs was the conscious effort of its kind to know about 20 individuals of the class in a way that was more personal than formal. The exercises that touched me the most were

  • The once in which the socio-economic discrimination was demonstrated by the no. of steps we took forward or backward
  • The exercise of blindfolding and be led by another person around the block
  • The exercise of using private and shared resources to make something unique
  • The exercise involving puzzles

These four exercises I think were the most impactful since the values they demonstrated are integral requirements in the practice of social work as a profession. And they are

  • to understand that socio-economic stratification exists in the society and that every individual demands respect and space.
  • to be able to trust somebody with what one can achieve and give him/her a chance to perform or lead.
  • to be able to share and to bare it all to the community that you would work with. To accept and give resources for group usage. This would affirm the commitment you are making to work with them and to enforce the feeling of trust between you and the community.
  • to have an eye and to be open to individuals who may need help and try best to accommodate them and their concerns in the activity you are doing.
  • to foster a sense of goodwill by adopting policies of social inclusion of all groups in the society and to maintain relationships that will last a lifetime.
  • to be a good listener and advocate the practice of the same in the community and group settings
  • to respect the views of every individual and practice sensitivity in whatever you say so as not to hurt sentiments
  • and most importantly be a practitioner of strong character and honesty
Thanks You
Prasant Mohanty

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